Nice Forum To just chat about Apple

Yesterday I was scanning around my Timeline, and I saw a tweet from Mark Gurman letting all 9to5 readers that the 9to5 Team has created a forum.
This is probably the simplest and easiest way to get all your Thoughts and Questions out. I have used it over the past day and I have found that every user is friendly and willing to share their opinion and answer your questions. The Forum is not as complicated as others. For example, you are notified when another user has an unanswered question and when a new discussion is brought up. Discussions are organized by the most recent comments, too. I invite you to join along and bring up your concerns!

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Something New.

Hello ! Your probably here because you’ve seen my YouTube video. Yep, nearly two years after I uploaded the video, and after countless times I’ve tried to launch this website, I think it’s time to start Something New. I’ve been observing for three years the best way to give Apple News. I found it.

I plan, with this blog, to give a critical look at every Apple news that “peeps” out every now and then. I think it’s time to discuss┬árather than “receive and run.” People need to understand what they read and know what it means for them. Instead of doubting your next purchase or action with your Apple device, you want to feel confident. Apple News needs to be ┬ámore comprehensive. That’s what I’m here to do: help those that really don’t understand Apple and help them make the right choices.